Android samsung galaxy s scl i9003 multiboot

Da My-Lab.

Testing a way to achieve multiboot on samsung galaxy s scl (i9003), i.e. the ability to switch between two or more rom on the same device without flashing.

The way I'd like to achieve this is:


First step

  • compile kexec for the kernel
  • modprobe kexec
  • build a trigger (an sh) to fire up kexec and test it

Second step

  • reorganize /sdcard/external_sd to hold partitions for ROM B
  • edit ROM B (with a script?) to mount some partitions (mount script) in phone and some other in sdcard
  • test the mess-up of featuring same data for different roms (is it a good idea?)

Third step

  • implement a script to boot back to ROM A from B
  • make the modifications to ROM B achievable in an automated way (so that there's no need for special packages)
  • improve the trigger with an interface, a rooted apk might be the way

Fourth step

  • implement the boot options through recovery, so that the phone will act as a a device with a grub-like bootloader, which asks for what system do you like to run? on boot