My BAD experience with godaddy

Da My-Lab.

Absolute lack of business friendliness. That's the point. Prices are good. No outages so far. But when you're in domain business since some times, you expect services to work on industry standard as well, and not some cumbersome ideas of the marketing. Let's go into it. I run more than one godaddy accounts, some of those accounts are on behalf of a client of mine. It's normal, you know how it works, the market and the requirements are so complex for the people out there that people need some technicians to get through it and ask for your help. I registered this client's account with his email, which is praxis since also domains are linked to the same email as well.

Yesterday I got back to godaddy to register a cool domain which was free. You know, you see it and, it's free, it's nice, let's take it, who knows? I was not logged in to godaddy systems at all (since a lot of time). So I went through the whole procedure of registering a domain with my credit card (expecting to be asked about logging in), strange thing, the registration form was filled with my costumers infos. I filled it with mine and went on (still not logged on). The whole procedure finished, I received an email that the domain was fine. In the meantime I was NEVER asked about my login. Very strange. Nonetheless...

somehow the domain got associated with my other costumer's account. Which is really bad. Ok, come on, so now I need to do is a domain push towards my account, and get rid of this mess godaddy created (thinking I was someone I'm not). Not bad, however, I should already be logged in to godaddy with my client's login since it got the registration of the domain in the meantime. No, wait. I'M NOT. How THE HELL is this possible? I don't know.

I guess that if I saw my client's name before hitting the okay button I would have stopped, in fact I was not logged in at all. How did this happened then? Who knows, you godaddy.

Time to login, then. Of course I don't remember the password, it's not my account. I'm not at work, since I'm working on my own stuff, and I try many passwords. After 10 attempts I get blocked by godaddy. YOU GODADDY what are you, a bank? Couldn't you act like any decent website and block accesses temporarily? Ok, you decided to do it this, the hard way. Bad then, I have to go through password reset. Which is something embarassing, since email is my client's email. Okay, I'll do it. I'll him to forward email to me. Which takes 1-2 business days, since of course he doesn't read the emails that much.

NO WAIT. YOU GIVE TWO HOURS OF TIME to RESET using a sent code. What are you? Completely mad? Why the hell on the earth? Come on. Let's ask the technical support to overcome this boiling stuff.


Thank you for contacting online support. I understand that you would like us to extend the 2 hour time limit on your password reset emails. Unfortunately, this is not something that we are able to do. The emails are automatically generated and the 2 hour time limit is a security precaution.

Perhaps you can contact your client before you generate the password reset so they are aware it is about to arrive in their inbox. This may expedite them forwarding it to you.

Please let us know if we can assist in any other way.

Sincerely, Customer Care"

What do you want from me? Are you try to telling me how to behave with one of my clients? It's up to me. It's up to you to provide decent systems, reliable, well working consolidated and not this kind of half done stuff. I will have to bother one of my clients, ask him to do things he usually does not do (and usually noone replies to emails within 2 hours), phone him, maybe excuse myself... due to godaddy. This is mad. Don't mix you work with your clients' work. Of course they are different things. And my business is my business. As long as go daddy assigns registrations of domain name to random people I know, then it's not only useless, it's dangerous.

In conclusion, DON'T go with them. GO to someone more professional and of trust. Beware.