Remove Slidedeck SD bug logo

Da My-Lab.

Slidedeck is a great plugin for wordpress. It's open source, so if that's what it's supposed to be, there should be a way: how to rip off that annoying "SD" picture located under any slider provided by this plugin? Let's take a look at the code, it's not hard at all!

First of all we got to locate the file called "slidedeck.jquery.lite.js", under your wordpress root location, slash wp-content, slash plugins, slash slidedeck-lite-for-wordpress slash lib:


As we read:

* Visual Attribution "Bug"
* This is a visual "bug" that is placed in the lower right of the SlideDeck to give
* visual recognition to SlideDeck and for us to see where any implementations that might
* be worth placing in our community examples page reside. To help keep this plugin free 
* we ask (although we cannot force) you to keep this visual "bug" on the page since it 
* helps support the author.
* If you would like to remove the visual "bug", we recommend you comment out the 
* // updateBug(); function and remove any references to the // updateBug(); command.

Let's do it: it's easy as fire your favorite text editor (mine is bluefish, as long as scripting is involved), and perform a search and replace:



// updateBug();

so that it's not fired anymore.

We're quite there. Since SD provides a minified version to users, this slidedeck.jquery.lite.js is not served to the user, instead slidedeck.jquery.lite.pack.js is served. No problem. Let's open:


Search for


and replace with


Reload your wordpress slidedeck powered page and voilà!

It's all.

If you like the plugin, please consider buying it [1], since guys at Slidedeck did a good job.