Root and unroot samsung galaxy s (i9000-i9003) on linux zergrush doomlord method

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See attachment. You'll find a zip, which you'll have to extract to a place in your hard drive (i.e., your desktop). Open a terminal and place it where you extracted your zip. Issue:

./root # to root

(remember to chmod +x * -R, if above command does not work and

./unroot # to unroot

that's all. Have a nice day with your galaxy s! Works also with other phones. Method: zergRush. This is a full port of doomLord's script. All credits go to:

Note: tested and working from 2.2.1 to 2.3.5
tested and NOT working in 2.3.6

File:Root and unroot samsung galaxy s i9000-i9003 on linux (zergRush, doomlord method).zip